Our primary goal is to understand your investment objectives and deliver a strategy that fits your individual requirements. Based on that, we will help you find a suitable property for you taking into consideration key points such as budget, size, purpose, communities, demographics, properties, expected returns, financing options, tax considerations and market trend analysis - depending on available data.

We follow a five-step process to guide you.

1. Objective:

Every investor has different preferences regarding the area, size and budget. Once we have thoroughly understood your needs, we go on to the next step.

2. The Right Place:

The next step is finding a place that is suitable to your needs and objectives. Whether you are looking for a property to put out on rent, or a property that is in a convenient location – we will do our best to find it. We will advise you on the advantages of each decision and highlight areas of potential pitfalls.

3. Financing:

You may be looking to purchase, refinance or renovate your property. We are backed by a team of expert financial advisors and mortgage brokers who will guide you. You will work with top tier financial services providers that will provide flexible mortgage terms, pre-payment and exit options - when required.

4. Professional Services:

We work with reputable legal firms and qualified accountants to make sure you protect your investment and comply with regulatory and tax requirements. A lawyer ensures a smooth transfer of ownership, whereas an accountant will make sure that you are up-to-par with tax requirements.

5. Property Management:

Through our expert property managers, we will ensure that all your administrative duties are taken care of on your behalf, and we will help you make the best decisions for your property to maximize your investment. Our services include searching for long and short-term rental candidates, renovating your property, continuously monitoring and inspecting your property and eventually selling.