Moving to a new place comes with a number of worries and decisions. If you are moving, you might wonder where to start. Numerous questions may pop up such as - selecting a place that will include the facilities and services that you are searching for in line with your individual requirements.

We step in as your local guide, giving you complete, customized and comprehensive guidelines to Toronto, for you to make decisions that are satisfactory and relocating to Toronto easier.

Orientation Visit:

We want to you know the place inside out before you decide on a location to settle down. Orientation visits serve this very purpose. Take a detailed look at several highlights and facilities around your location.


We provide you with sufficient information revolving around your daily lifestyle once you move, such as your neighbourhood - what amenities are present in and around, communities and clubs, activities and more. We also give you a list of school options for your family, based on your requirements.

Housing Options:

There are several housing options and not everyone will go down the same route. Perhaps you want to purchase a house or take a house on rent. Rental options include long and short term, furnished or unfurnished and more. We take everything into consideration such as your budget, the size of your home, the desired community and the neighbourhood demographics, while helping you make the decision that fits your needs.

Government Programs:

Government programs are pillars of the society, especially as a resident. There are several licensing requirements and social programs that newcomers to Canada can learn about. In addition to applying for a Driver’s License, Social Insurance Number (SIN), Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and more. We also inform you about tax considerations, declaration timelines and your allowable tax credits.

toronto events


Toronto is a hub of entertainment, events and culture. Every city has its guidelines, and behavioural standards and Toronto is no different. It will be our prerogative to ensure that you’re seamlessly integrated into the society upon your move. We will provide you with information regarding activities, community rules and culture.

Useful Tips:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Transportation/public transit
  • Mobile carriers, cable network
  • Healthcare system: hospitals, pharmacies
  • Meet-up groups
  • Furniture purchase

This will save you time and effort in the long run and make for a smoother transition into your new home and lifestyle/community.