Selling a property in Canada requires much deliberation and information. A single dominating factor determines the selling price – the marketplace – which is in turn influenced by a myriad of factors. Any property realtor should be aware of these factors.

One of our core services in regards to selling a property is performing a CMA or a Comparative Market Analysis. The CMA takes into consideration all the influential factors involved when pricing a property. The elements include comparing your property to those that have been sold in the market, or are currently in the market along with elements such as property condition, size, features, location and more. The CMA creates various price point suggestions for your property.

Deciding the price is one aspect and marketing it is another. Did you know that a majority of property sales are conducted online in this day and age? We know the best avenues for your property to gain maximum exposure. Our number one aim is to increase your property’s exposure to get a large number of interested buyers – that will eventually maximize your selling price.